• Squeeze Casting (Molten Metal Die Forging)

    Our squeeze casting process begins with raw material input and ends with appearance treatment & inspection.

  • Aluminum Alloy Mold Design

    Gearbox, LED lamp cover, LED heat dissipation lamp holder, compressor accessories, automobile air conditioning compressor, mechanical combination lock, automobile door handle, & pressure room door handle.

  • Automobile, Motorcycle & Bicycle Parts

    Automotive air conditioning compressor parts, car door parts, automobile fuel tank pump parts, automobile transmission parts.

  • Motor Parts, LED Parts & More

    Hardware parts, 3C parts, drive housing, automotive air conditioning, car door parts, automobile fuel tank pump, automobile transmissions & much more...



    Recommendations on the Practicality - Feasibility Assessment - Schedule Planning - Cost Estimation.


    Product Design & Planning

    Customized product design - Casting Scheme Design and Planning - Manufacturing Process Planning.


    Manufacturing Process

    Melting - Casting - Post-Processing - Surface Treatment.


    Testing & Quality Control

    Material Incoming Inspection - Composition Analysis After Melting - In-process inspection - Post-processing Inspection for Appearance.


    Final Assembly & Dispatch

    Final Inspection and Assembly - Packaging and Shipping

    Engineering Solutions

    Precision Engineering for a Better World

    Squeeze Casting Mold Design Auto/Motorcycle/Bicycle Parts Fire Fighting Equipment
    Squeeze Casting Mold Design Auto/Motorcycle/Bicycle Parts Fire Fighting Equipment

    Industry Insights

    Precision in Every Mold, Excellent in Every Cast

    Squeeze Casting Molten Metal Die Forging

    Since 2007, we have been deeply rooted in Taiwan's die casting factory, specializing in the application of Squeeze Casting (Molten Metal Die Forging) technology. This advanced manufacturing method plays a crucial role in our processes, significantly enhancing the density and strength of our products compared to die casting. The adoption of this technology not only improves product performance but also surpasses die casting in terms of appearance, even rivaling its counterpart.

    Our commitment to a consistent workflow extends seamlessly from design to production, aiming to provide customers with the highest quality service pipeline. This consistency ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance at every stage. Our professional team ensures a thorough understanding of customer requirements and tailors customized solutions to meet their needs. Our experienced design team specializes in creating innovative product designs based on customer requirements. From material selection to structural optimization, we continually strive for excellence to ensure that our products not only meet functional requirements but also align with the high standards set by our customers.

    We will continue to dedicate ourselves to ongoing technological innovation and process improvement to maintain a leading position in extrusion casting technology. We pledge to deliver fast and efficient production cycles, ensuring that customers receive the products they need in a timely manner. In terms of quality, appearance, and service, we will persistently pursue excellence, providing customers with the best product and service experiences.

    Recent Projects

    Skateboard Bracket Development Process

    die casting, squeeze casting, mold design for sports accessoriesdie casting, squeeze casting, mold design for sports accessories Product Design:

    The client provides the product without 3D files. We assist in using a coordinate measuring machine to determine the product’s functional dimensions. We reconstruct the product into 3D files and optimize its overall appearance and structure, enhancing product specification recognition. The assembly relationship positions of the product are redesigned to improve durability.

    Mold Design and Manufacturing:

    After the client confirms the correctness of the product’s appearance and functional dimensions, we begin designing the mold and proposing mold design solutions.

    Casting, Post-processing, and Machining:

    Once the casting parameters are confirmed, mass production begins. We remove burrs, perform surface grinding, and machine according to drawings.

    die casting, squeeze casting, mold design for sports accessories

    Surface Treatment:

    Powder coating or liquid coating can be applied according to client requirements, with the option to print the client’s marks.

    Product Assembly:

    We assemble the product with other parts provided by the client (nuts, washers, bushings).

    Packaging and Shipping:

    We use packaging materials provided by the client for packaging and ship the products to the client’s designated port.


    What we can do for you!

    1. Provide one-stop service

    2. Quickly improve existing products or develop new ones by offering customized solutions.

    3. Save time and costs while ensuring product compatibility and quality.

    4. Offer mold design to reduce the number of trial productions, shortening the development cycle.


    Quality in Every Detail

    ISO 9001 certified die casting, squeeze casting, mold design

    “We are proud to announce that as of 2021, We at Jheng Yuan Precision Technology have remained ISO 9001 certified. This certification reflects our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence in every aspect of our operations. At Jheng Yuan Precision Technology, we prioritize customer satisfaction, product quality, and continuous improvement; ensuring that our clients receive superior products and services that ALWAYS meet their exact requirements.”

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